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Blue Shark For Marine Services

Blue Shark Company for Shipping Agencies, Marine Services & Supplies is one of the largest independent companies, its division includes Shipping, Logistics, Industrial & Energy (oil & gas,) and an ideal partner for companies looking to pursue commercial growth and expansion in the Middle East. Blue Shark Company belief in people, leadership and technical excellence results in a highly efficient, safe and reliable service that enables the company to provide the best possible returns for its clients.

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Best Services at Best prices.

To cope with all challenges, we are always working on developing and improving our team’s abilities to respond efficiently and accurately to give you the most compelling experience whenever, wherever needed.

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  • constant development
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Our mission is to serve our principals in a satisfactory manner by offering tailored-made services ,maintaining highest standard of quality , as a prime important to policy of Seaways Marine Services – Egypt is to provide helpful , speedy,economical services to ship managers


Company’s main objective is to provide services to our principals effectively. our personnel adopting an objective of “best performance” in running their operational activites and services
Company’s serious commitment on Quality is always primary concern, aim, target and driving force for all of operations and procedures we perform which leads us to do excellence in every thing we do