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Marine Services

Blue Shark is a Marine Services Company dedicated to serving all Egyptian ports with high quality marine services for the majority of vessels passing or calling port, whether being military, civilian or commercial.


Anti-Piracy works

We provide anti piracy and risk analysis to the shipping industry. Our vessel protection services covers commercial shipping, cruise liners and super yachts.

Crew Change

Blue Shark Marine provides her clients with a smooth, secure and in time crew change service, as we arrange all necessary for both signing on/off crew

Repair Works

We provide technical advice, consultancy and spare parts provision to ensure that the parts requested are dispatched without delay and are correct and checked before use.

Spare parts parcels & custom clearance  


Blue Shark Marine strong provided service is parcel clearance. We offers safe and in time clearance on spare parts in transit, as we are fully authorized to custom clear the parcels through our logistic department and deliver same on board the vsls ( i.e. boarding the vsl though our shipping department ), by same we provides our clients.

Spare parts reconditioning

We can review and repair parts in our dockyard within a short time frame in order to keep the ship sailing. We have also a reconditioning service exchange in order to reduce costs.

Ship yards & Docking facilities

Floating dock has a lifting capacity of 25.000 tons which is really rare in this part of the world. Heavy sections can also be handled without any problems.

Portable Equipment

We offer the best solution in critical situations, providing class approved equipment for short or long lease: Pneumatic rubber fenders, Life rafts, Sandblasters scaffolds, etc..
marine services

Ship owners spare parts consignment storage & Stock point


To cope with all challenges, we are always working on developing and improving our team’s abilities to respond efficiently and accurately to give you the most compelling experience whenever, wherever needed.

Ship Owners Spare Parts Consignment Storage & Stock Point. We make the most use of our strategic location in the middle of the trade-shipping route (Suez Canal) to present our clients with a very important service, storage their spare parts consignment in our tax-free warehouses to be delivered or distributed among their vessels frequently calling Suez Canal upon order and gaining the benefits.