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General Supplies

We are general ship suppliers serving all Egyptian Ports and specialize in all aspects of ship supply and service, providing the entire range of provisions, cabin, bonded, safety, engine stores.

We serve vessels offshore and in port, whether it is at berth, anchorages or off-port limits.

Provision & Bonded Supply

Blue Shark are committed to supply only the finest provision supplies to its client’s vessels and within the minimum margin that comes together with “always fresh and rich on energy” provisions/food. Our provisional supplies will be delivered to your ship promptly without long transport time.


Our main range of fresh, dry and frozen provision in many different ports, ready to be delivered to your vessel. Our team will serve your crew with careful attention to every and each detail of your valued order.


We use our international database to be sure that all parties will meet their expectations using our service applying the highest standards.

We strive to deliver ship supply to excellence, without problems even if it can be under the most challenging conditions.

Provision & Bonded Supply
Technical Stores

Technical Stores

Blue Shark offers ship-owners, managers, operators, agents and ship management companies with a full range of technical supply items. All products are delivered prompt, smoothly and within high quality standards.


We supply technical spare parts in Russia, Baltic States, Nordic Region and in the Black Sea region as our core business. Blue Shark usually works with IMPA, ISSA, RS, Elfa Distrelec, and Conrad catalogues. However, our maritime professionals are also ready to tailor a solution directly to your company, outside these specifications.


Most of our key suppliers has a very short notice time making it possible for us to deliver your vessel prompt.

Marine Safety & Rescue Equipment

Marine Safety Equipment is essential for passenger and cargo vessels, offshore installations as well as fishing and yachting boats.


Blue Shark is an Egyptian supplier offering a wide range of marine life-saving equipment, for everything from small boats up to commercial vessels, including personnel transfer basket, life rafts, life jackets, immersion suit, life float & buoys, and basket stretchers.

marine safety

Bunkers, Lub oil & Fresh water

We have the most professional personal and the highest equipment to ensure that the bunkering procedure is performed on efficient, safe and international standards.

Wherever your ship happens to be and the volume of bunker you require – we use your route to plan efficient and value-for-money refueling of your ship, taking care to draw your attention to all available options. You benefit in this from our detailed knowledge of bunker ports around the world and of possible deviations.

Years of hard work in the field have given us invaluable experience and the opportunity to establish a well-developed infrastructure for delivery, storage and bunkering of marine fuel.

Our priority has always been to meet, satisfy and exceed the requirements of our clients, providing superb service and high-quality fuel products.